Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You Must Read This

I rarely write formal reviews, and even more rarely on purchasing platforms like Amazon because as a writer, it can often feel like a conflict of interest. (Even as I appreciate any reader leaving reviews for my novels - yes, I feel conflicted.)

What I do instead is rave about the books I have loved. Bug friends, readers, social media followers, random strangers on the street to READ THIS BOOK.

Maybe I come across a handful of such books in a year. GROWER'S OMEN is one such book. While it is book 2 in the Karmacorp "Fixers" series, I believe it can be read as a standalone. But I recommend you read them both. I really liked book 1. And I loved book 2.

Audrey Faye has tangled the best elements of fantasy and science fiction in this series about the Fixers of Karmacorp - individuals who have psychic talents working in an organization dedicated to helping to keep the universe in one piece. The Fixers have vastly different talents and personalities. Tyra Lightbody, the main character and POV voice of this novel is a Grower. She has a special gift with plants and manipulating subtle energies around her and she's sent, as a lone agent, to a biodome reporting strange behavioural problems affecting some of the station personnel.

What she finds there is no ordinary problem, but a moral dilemma that forces her to make a choice that might alienate her from everything and everyone she cares about. 

It's been several books since I found a character who I connected so strongly with. I raced through this book, fearful of what Tyra had to do and hoping she would emerge unscathed. I was emotionally fully invested in her story and that happens rarely in my reading life now.

Skillful writing, fascinating worldbuilding, fully realized characters, emotional stakes: Grower's Omen has it all and then some. It moved me and I needed to read it. Maybe you do, too.


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