Friday, October 24, 2014

Creativity for a Cause

These are the first of close to 20 pieces of ceramics I created because a friend needed help.

She was someone I had gotten to know on Google+ in my circle of writers and crafters, and more than a year ago, she and I had done an 'art swap'. She made me these amazing wrist warmers. I don't remember what I sent her - probably a coffee mug.

Selfie: the writer hard at work, with warm hands!

This lovely woman, "T", and her family were in foreclosure from their home, and despite doing everything they could to get the money they needed together (including working multiple jobs, etc), and trying to negotiate with the bank (I bet you can guess how that went), they were informed that there would be a sheriff's sale of their home in November.

So "T", in desperation, started a 'go fund me' campaign. And I went to the campaign page, struggling to find a way to help that wouldn't be a drop in the ocean. I initially thought of donating some timeframe of my book sales to it, but that felt kind of self-serving in an icky way. But then I thought about all the pottery I make. When I share photos of my ceramics work on the 'plus', those posts get far more engagement than any of my writing posts.

I decided to offer donors at different levels ceramic ware of their choice--handbuilt mugs, wheelthrown mugs, or bowls. I posted about it and for the heck of it, I tossed a hashtag in the post and invited other crafters and artists who were so inclined to do the same.

And they did.

They totally did.

Photographers, artists, knitters, crocheters, writers and more offered the fruits of their creativity for donations to "T's" campaign.

So many people donated, talked about, and shared the posts talking about the campaign and I was so moved by their generosity.

Sadly, "T" was not able to raise the amount needed to save their house; however, enough was raised to ensure that her family would be able to move into another home and keep a roof over their heads.

I am beyond humbled and proud to have been able to be a part of this. Something like this shows me the beauty of an internet community and what is possible when we work together. It's not all 'doxxing' and ugliness. Sometimes kindness wins over mindless cruelty.

Soon, these 'Dragon Belly' mugs and Nebula bowls, along with more to come, will be on their way to new homes with the generous campaign donors.

That makes me happy.

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