Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh, hello, again!

It's officially Fall: aka the busy season. I got the last of the tomatoes canned and put away on the pantry, and it's about to be apple-palozza time. Apple sauce, apple butter, dried apples, apple-pepper jelly. . . Preserve all the things!!

I do need to slow down a bit - with both my sons away at college, it's just hubby and me needing to be fed. We still haven't figured out meal portioning for two. Which means we're only really cooking every other day, since the leftovers are a full meal for two. :)

I also finished the revision pass for TIME AND TITHE this week.

Thank goodness for post-it flags! Now I get to incorporate all those handwritten notes into the document so I can email it out to my beta readers. I'll have time for round two of edits/clarifications before it goes off to the editor on November 1. The cover artist is in her creative process, so we're on track for a mid-January 2015 release.

Next up: the first draft of DERELICT's sequel. I'm really looking forward to that unchained burst of creativity that comes with starting a new project. Before the muddle of the middle sets in.

What else am I doing? I switched ceramics studios in August. After years of working at the New Art Center (which is wonderful, but I was looking for the next phase of my development as a ceramics artist), I moved to The Potter's Studio and have been getting oriented to the new place: new clay bodies, new glazes. It's been challenging and fun.

I love the jewel toned glazes on these cappuccino mugs. Now I need to find combinations I like for my textured hand-built work.

And, as if I wasn't busy enough, I wandered into a fiber shop during our recent trip to Watkins Glen and ended up buying some lovely yarn, a set of needles, and a hat pattern. It's been nearly 20 years since I've picked up knitting needles.

I'm amazed at how the motor memory came flooding back. Now I have this jaunty little hat, just in time for the cooler fall weather.

So that's my update.

Have a wonderful day, my internet lovelies!

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  1. I love those mugs, they are gorgeous. I also like your hat. I love how knitting is one of those things you can pick up after years of not doing it and know what to do, and how to read the pattern. I'm having a go at crochet at the moment and its so alien after knitting, I'm really struggling to get "it". Oh and the cooking thing will come in the end!