Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hey! That's me!

Last night, I appeared on Buddy Gott's Writing Show, where he regularly interviews writers (wow - I bet that was a surprise!) on a live video stream which is then archived on his youtube channel.


I have to admit, I was initially nervous at the thought of being interviewed 'live'. I'm a writer. I rely on the ability to edit, rethink, and rewrite my words. It's the ultimate 6 second delay. Having to speak 'off the cuff' is something I'm not practiced at.

My one experience prior to this, where I had to speak to an 'invisible' audience, was from over 30 years ago. When I was in college, I worked at our college radio station, doing advertisement and public relations. In the interest of trying out other aspects of the station, I tried a stint as an AM radio DJ. I figured it would be a low pressure gig, as the signal was basically just strong enough to reach the student union. (Shout out to the University of Rochester and WRUR!)

It was a nightmare.

I was so nervous about filling silence and not messing up the segues between songs - this was in the days of turntables, remember! I felt like Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory episode! (Only less fun, because you couldn't eat the music. . . )

2 hours later, and I swore never to be near a live mic again.

But Buddy made our conversation an enjoyable and effortless experience, making sure the questions and conversation flowed smoothly.

If you want to see some of my Doctor Who loot (I have a wall in my office liberally decorated with it), hear about my travels through Kyrgyzstan, learn about my accidental poetry collection, or just put a voice and face to the words, take a look see.

Oh, and I also talk a little about my books. My husband has already told me that I sat too close to the laptop, and if I was a little bit back, it would be in better focus. Ahh, live and learn. Also, it was a good thing that the camera only showed my shoulders and up - I spent a good chunk of yesterday in the ceramics studio and there is dried clay all over my clothes. :)

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