Sunday, March 02, 2014

Because Libraries

This rusting beauty is very much like the bookmobile I remember.
Photo by Sam Beebe, used with attribution.

I have a great love of libraries. When I was a kid, our public library even had a bookmobile during the summer and every week, I would be waiting at the corner up the street for the converted RV to show up. I was always first in line. The bookmobile was run by a husband and wife. She was the librarian, he the driver and every week during the summer, she would have a stack of books she pulled out especially for me.

I spent much of my childhood inside the welcoming and magical space of libraries; the public library of our town, and the libraries of my elementary, junior, and senior high schools.

My father, not a formally educated man, taught me from an early age that the only things you needed to succeed was the ability to read and a library card.

I still strongly believe this. Libraries can help level the playing field for kids and adults, no matter where they live.

For the month of March, I'm promoting library love:

If you purchase a print copy of either of my novels or the SF&F short story anthology I co-edited for a school or public library, I will pay the shipping (if you get it directly from me rather than amazon) and either way, gift you with an eBook copy.

THE BETWEEN is suitable for a middle school and up readership, FUTURE TENSE for high school and up. Though I've had younger readers read and enjoy both stories. (And adults, too. No need to be shy about enjoying YA books.)

The PENULTIMATE ANTHOLOGY is suitable for all ages.

You can see the covers, read the blurbs, and see the links to purchasing venues here: If you do buy from Amazon or CreateSpace, send me an email with a copy of your receipt and the name of the library of your choice. If you buy directly from me, send me the address of the library and I'll ship it for you. Either way, I'll send a note to the library acknowledging your donation and I'll send you the eBook copy in your choice of formats.

Good for libraries, good for you!

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