Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spam a lama ding dong

Magic Wand,  Photo by Caro'H, used with attribution, cc license

I guess I must have hit some invisible threshold of view and popular posts on the blog, because I keep getting the same spam email left by an anonymous commenter. And it's pretty amusing, actually.

My name is Sandra and i want to testify of the good work done by a faithful [redacted], a spell caster. in my life i never thought there is such thing as spiritual intercession. my problem started nine months back when the father of my kids started putting up some strange behavior, i never knew he was having an affair outside our matrimonial home. it dawn on me on that faithful day 19th of April 21st 4:23pm when he came to the house to pick his things that was when i knew that situation has gotten out of hand and he then told me he was quitting the marriage which i have built for over five years, i was confused and dumbfounded i called on family and friends but to no avail. two months after i started having problem with my kids welfare rent-age and all of it, i really went through hell. until a day i was browsing on the internet and i happen to meet a spell caster i never believed on this but i needed my man back so i gave the spell caster my problem at first i never trusted him so i was just doing it but you know a problem shared is half solved after a week my husband called me telling me that he his coming back home and that was all. now we are living happily and i still do contact him on this email: [redacted]
I really have no idea what something like this is supposed to accomplish. Do they really think the readers of this blog are going to run to their email programs and contact this spell caster to solve all the problems in their lives?

Okay, blog readers, fess up. This is *really* why you read Once in a Blue Muse, right? It's because you need a spell caster. I'm so sorry I keep deleting this comment. :)

 What's the best spam comment or email you've ever received? Unless it's really NSFW, post it in comments. 


  1. One weekend I received over 2,000 spam messages -- had to turn comments off. Most common are ads for a virus-infected website. Have never seen spam quite as ridiculous as yours, but I run a tech website.

    1. Yikes! That's insane! I'm likely going to do comment moderation for our vacation week, because I won't be so attentive and hate when spam slips by.

  2. I feel there's a nugget of a story for that poor spell caster. Why did he have to resort to promoting his work through a woman with the grammar prowess of a five-year-old? Did he run afoul of some Nigerian princes?

    I'm also not certain I can prove I'm NOT a robot...