Thursday, June 27, 2013


Original artwork for the Pen-Ultimate cover by Chris Howard 

A year ago at Readercon 2012, I was sitting in a hotel restaurant with several years of my fellow graduates of the Ultimate SF Workshop taught in the Boston area by Jeff Carver and Craig Shaw Gardner. As I looked around the large table, it struck me how talented a group of writers we were and I mumbled something about how we really should put together an anthology.

So I guess that meant I volunteered myself and along with my partner-in-anthology, Talib Hussain, (another hapless volunteer!) began to organize what would, a year later, become PEN-ULTIMATE: A SPECULATIVE FICTION ANTHOLOGY.

After a several month submission/reading period, the eleven stories that make up this anthology went through a cross-critique and revision process that very much honored the workshop model that we practiced with Jeff and Craig.

The project is coming together because of the work of many talented and hard-working individuals and I am proud to have my name associated with it. We are working towards a July 11th official publication date, to correspond with the start of Readercon 2013 and all proceeds from the anthology sale (both print and eBook) will be donated to the SFWA emergency medical fund.

Stay tuned for links and more information!

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