Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: An Apology

This is the sum total of our Halloween display this year. The sign, if you can't read it, says "Page Error/Halloween/Not Found" and the pumpkin is the '404' error.

It was the best I could put together on short notice, given I had to be out of town most of last week and, well, we had a hurricane.

(An aside. I got to experience "Sandy" three times. I think that might be a record. First in South Florida last Friday/Saturday, then flying through it on Sunday morning, then on Monday/Tuesday in Boston).

Over the years, we have had some wildly elaborate Halloween displays. From haunted pirates, to Harry Potter themes (complete with quiditch match suspended over the front lawn), to the haunted pumpkin patch, and "Occupy Halloween," we have embraced October 31st as our family's favorite holiday.

The candy and the costumes are almost secondary to the chance to turn my house into a set piece, complete with lights and fog machines. I'm typically the person who gets the big idea for that year's theme. Then I turn to my husband and he makes the magic happen.

But this year, Halloween didn't feel very special. We didn't have the opportunity to create an evening of shared magic. Sure we had candy to give out. Sure, we got tons of kids in costumes ranging from the adorable to the truly amazing. (Along with the sheepish teenagers wearing jeans, t-shirts, and maybe some zombie makeup.) My older son had to work, my younger son went out with friends, and my husband had an obligation that had been rescheduled due to the storm. So it was me and the candy bowl. Other than my pumpkin socks, I didn't even wear a costume.

So, Halloween 2012, I apologize. It's not you, it's me. Truly. And I promise that next year will be nothing short of amazing. I've already started to plan for it.

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  1. Sorry you didn't get the chance to make a big display this year - but you made an entertaining one at least! I love the pumpkin carved with "404"