Saturday, July 07, 2012

An experiment in public storytelling

Something new, something a little scary, something even possibly a little crazy.

My usual writing process is very private. I rarely even share my idea with someone. We writers are often superstitious (probably the only similarity I can claim with major league baseball players, LOL) and I know I have this sense that sharing the 'new shiny' will somehow tarnish it.

But from the very genesis of DERELICT--all of 2 weeks ago--I've been sharing the idea and some snippets of the story with my online community and have been enjoying the feedback and reactions of fellow writers and readers.

So I've decided to do something very different for this work: share the first draft process with interested readers, not as a way to get formal critique (though comments will be welcome) but more as a way to bring together a community of passionate readers and to have a conversation. Writing is often such a lonely process, with only the voices in my head for company. :)

I've created a blog for my current WIP (work in progress), DERELICT, a science fiction novel. If you want to follow along on the first draft journey with me, feel free to stop by. There are options to subscribe via email or via RSS.

Chapter 1 is posted.

My plan is to post a chapter a week, as I move through the novel.

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  1. Writers always have this idea that we have to be starving, tortured artists banished to a dark corner for our work to be any good (I know I thought that was the case). I'm constantly amazed at how helpful sharing is with others, and how many helpful and supportive writers there are out there.

    Have fun with your experiment!