Thursday, April 05, 2012

"And Yet It Moves"

Photo by Luke Bryant, used under cc license
Eppur si muove

According to legend, Galileo is thought to have said this even as he was forced to recant his scientific work on the movement of the planets.  

"And yet it moves."

This may be an apocryphal tale, yet I find it unbearably powerful. 

I imagine a bitter and nearly broken man faced with the dissolution of his life's work.  At that moment when he must publicly deny all that he knows to be true, he responds with a hint of ironic humor.  

"And yet it moves."

Perhaps Truth is bigger than any of us. 

Perhaps all we can do in the face of willful ignorance is to say Eppur si muove and know that what is, is. 


  1. Truth is waaaay bigger. Sooner or later, it wins, and that gives me great hope. {{huggs}}