Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Wow. That’s pretty . . . freaky. But in a good way."

Last month I submitted the cover Jade E. Zivanovic designed for THE BETWEEN to The Book Designer blog (an amazing recourse, btw) for their monthly indie book cover contest. * While Jade's cover did not win, I loved the comment Joel Friedlander left:

"Wow. That's pretty. . . freaky. But in a good way."

What that means to me is that the cover did its job.  It communicated the eerie otherness of Fae and the danger facing Lydia from Oberon and Titania. I've mentioned before that I didn't want the cover to be an illustration of any of the book's scenes, rather I wanted something that transmitted the tone and tenor of the story.  Well, Jade did just that with this beautiful cover.  

Thank you, Jade. 

* Entrants are posted in alphabetical order, so you have to scroll down to the "T"s to get to The Between.

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