Friday, February 03, 2012

Busy Week Roundup and Sneak Peak

First, some video of my reading last week, for your viewing pleasure.  Three small sections of THE BETWEEN, including part of the opening chapter.  There really aren't any true spoilers contained here, so feel free to listen if you haven't read any of the story.

I didn't realize how much I talk with my hands until I watched these videos!


And a teaser for next week: An upcoming interview with the lovely and talented Jade E. Zivanovic, my cover artist extraordinaire, in which we learn which classes she got in trouble for drawing when she should have been studying, among other tidbits!

I'm also nibbling away at the YAGSIP (YA Ghost Story in Progress) and am just shy of 40,000 words of a proposed 70,000 word draft. Stay tuned for some more snippets from that story as well.

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