Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Sightings for THE BETWEEN

While it's officially been just 3 days since my debut released, it also feels like a lifetime.  Perhaps this is because I have been planning and dreaming about having a book published since I was a little girl.  Maybe because by the time a writer gets to publication day, she is already several years and book projects removed from the work being released.  Regardless, it's been a thrill to see THE BETWEEN find its way into the hands of interested readers.

Nancy Lauzon of The Chick Dick Mysteries was a gracious host for a mini interview about my book in her "Book Shower" feature.  Head over and find out how THE BETWEEN almost got derailed before it was finished.


  1. I am 30% of the way through it (as measured by my Kindle!) and I love it. It's so well paced and exciting!

    1. Squee! Thank you for letting me know, Lisa! :)