Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More August Postcard Poems

I finally got the last of my cards to the post office.  (Sorry to the unlucky poets who were on the bottom of my list when I got behind.)

The pile of postcards I received from all over the US and Canada are siting on the shelf over my desk, a reminder of the power of words, of the poetry community, and the joy of everyday writing.

(click on any front/back to enlarge)

I'll be posting these a group at a time, until I've gotten them all here.



  1. Lookit our blogs and, best of all, you may copy ANYTHING you desire ('plagiarism' sounds so crass, doesn't it?) -IF- you'll allow this sinfull mortal to kiss your adorable feets in the Great Beyond. No brainer, huh? Yes, I knowest wot thou thinkest, my fair and just liege. God bless you with discernment. See ya soon.

  2. Sorry--I have no idea what your comment means. All the postcard poems and even the photographs (most--some are from pictures my son took, 2 or 3 in the set of 30 were used as per creative commons agreement) are my original work.