Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watching the news from afar

There is a strange sort of ironic disconnect that a 24/7 news cycle and the internet allows.  Here we are in Mont-Tremblant, Canada:

 While the news is in an all-hurricane-all-the-time frenzy.  Yes, I've lived through bad storms.  We've dealt with wind, water, and flooding (not to mention fire) in past years, so it's not like I'm blase about disasters.  It's only that the hype seems to obscure the real difficulty and danger of the event.

Ironic.  Like I said. 

We had to turn off CNN last night because it simultaneously made my anxiety ramp up and got me annoyed.  The anxiety because my in-laws live right on the water on the Chesapeake Bay.  They've already lost their home once to a bad storm surge during Hurricane Isabel.  The annoyance factor was from watching reporters in their soaked raingear reporting live and on scene when really they should have been somewhere indoors.  There's news and then there's just stupidity.

I've been following updates from my home town via social media and have found them to be less histrionic and more factual. 

Hoping all of you in harm's way are safe and dry.


  1. Yes in Philly the local stations supended all programming to bring us 24 hour coverage of what was just outside our doors and it was quite histrionic! We are safe and unscathed, thank God. Hope your family members are as well.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! Glad all is well in Philly.

  3. We also got all hurricane all the time, in NYC.

    Everyone at FM is fine, I think. I haven't seen Camilla/ Anna since the bad flooding in Vermont, but she was fine early Sunday afternoon.

    Happy Vacation!