Monday, May 23, 2011

The Funny Moment When You Forget What You've Written

I have been fortunate to have been invited to write several guest blog posts on Writer Unboxed, one of my favorite writing/publishing related blogs out there. (If you don't already follow them, please do. Their information is well written, timely, with a good mix between craft, business, and encouragement.)

Several months ago, I submitted a piece for their consideration that emerged from my musing about writers and social media. They accepted it and I promptly forgot about it in the press of so much going on in my non-writing life.

Well, today, they published the post. And I figured it out almost by accident. I follow several dozen blogs on a daily basis via an RSS reader and have it set to show the headlines/titles of each post. I read the title of today's WU post and my honest to goodness first thought was 'cool, someone who thinks about social media the way I do.' And I clicked over to read it on the WU site.

Major "D'oh" moment.

It was my own post.

FacePalm at my own absentmindedness.

And thank you to the WU folks for their generosity in running my guest posts.

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