Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working through some things

I've been quiet lately. Not just in the blog, but throughout my writing life. I've hardly journaled, my morning pages have stalled, and the WIP is languishing. I can beat myself up about it but I know that leads to less writing, not more.

No, this is another of the fallow times. I've had them before and I'll have them again. In my experience, these times are crucial to my work and my creativity. That's why I don't call it writer's block. I am not blocked so much as still.

I continue to work through the fear and loss from our fire, coping with the enormous change that it has brought to our lives. That in addition to the changes in my parent's health; the upcoming college transition for my eldest son.

In a time of such massive upheaval, I am trying to be kind to myself.

Our family is preparing for a trip away for a week and I am not bringing my computer. I will take a week of quiet, of laughter with my husband and children, of long hikes, swims, and scuba diving. I want to soak up silence along with the sun and notice whatever bubbles to the surface of my mind.

We leave saturday morning.

Be well.


  1. Hope you had a great week away.

  2. It is the hardest thing to be gentle with yourself. I hope the week off restores you and that you are able to move back into your house soon. All the best - g