Saturday, March 19, 2011

A giant game of Jenga

Photo by Jonathan_W, used with attribution per cc license

A dear friend called this week and ask me how I was.  In answer to her question, I came up with this image:  I feel like the universe is playing a giant game of Jenga with me.  

A lot of pieces have already been pulled out, but I am still standing.

I'm just not sure how many more pieces can be slid away without me falling apart.



  1. Life does this to us every now and again, but if life the universe is playing Jenga with you, just remember this: With Jenga it's OK when it falls apart and no matter how many times we fall apart we can start building again. Life will get better, honest.

  2. Thank you, Michele. I am, by nature, a relentless optimist, so I know my outlook and mood will rise.

    Part of what helps me is to be honest with what I'm feeling at any given time. Exploring this metaphor is giving me a way to express the emotions so they don't overwhelm me.

    Thank you for showing me how I can continue the metaphor and shape it in a different way.