Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because Home is Where the Puppy Is

First things first:

This most epic of Tigger photographs was taken by my younger son.  I (as I have confessed to on many occasions) take really poor photographs, much to the chagrin of the rest of my family.

But my youngest son has the 'eye' for photography.  He takes after his father.

I think the kiddo took this last summer.

The little ball was actually a small plush toy that Tigger had found on a walk and 'adopted' as her very favoritest outside ball.  Until she finally tore it to shreds in a moment of over-joy.

But until that moment, she would carefully leave it on the front lawn and whenever she left the house, would just as carefully pick it up in her jaw and toss it in the air only to pounce on the ball when it landed. 

I love the look of focused intensity in her eyes and yet there is also a sense of perfect peace and balance in her expression, the way she lays with her muzzle resting on the lawn, its tip just touching the ball.

Tigger has been instrumental to our stress management these past several months.  She has found a way to be at home in our temporary lodging, so we can find a way to make it home.

After all, if there are blankets to nest in, tennis balls to shred, and your favorite humans to lean against, everything will be all right.


  1. That is a great photo that Eric took of Tigger. He doesn't take after his father.....he's good!!!

  2. I love this photo--and your description of the things that can make a home. It's a beautiful sentiment, and you've described it with beautiful simplicity. Thanks for that. It's something I need to remember more often!


  3. @Linda--LOL. I won't tell Neil you said that.

    @Martina--thank you. It's something I, too, struggle to remember, especially when life's events threaten to become overwhelming.