Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Credit, where credit is due

photo by Robert France, used under cc license

When I was in Western Mass 2 months ago, I found this mug at a little store in Northhampton.  It materialized into my cart and I bought it as a Hanukah gift for my husband.  Because it was packed away in the back of my closet, it survived the fire and I was able to make him smile during that difficult first week.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and I noticed the design was starting to peel off the mug, even with gentle hand washing.  (These disappearing/reappearing design mugs are not dishwasher or microwave safe).  I emailed the company, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, because it was unlikely I would get back to the place I purchased the cup.

To my delight, they answered me right away, apologizing for the defect in the product, and are sending me a replacement.

It's always such a joy to find responsive, gracious customer service.

And they sell really cool stuff!

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