Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The thankful round up

I'll be in the kitchen over the next few days, cooking favorites with family.  I find it pretty funny, in the ironic sense of the word, that cooking and food have become so much a part of our family life.

Honest to goodness--I used to be able to burn water.

So one of the things I'm grateful for is for the shared love of cooking, family dinner time and the conversations I've had with my lovely husband of 22 years, and my now teen age sons.

There is an awful lot of laughter at our table, along with local food, fresh bread, and the occasional glass of good wine.

The culmination of the year's food and companionship is the Thanksgiving meal. It's the day I look forward to all year long.

My wish for you, whoever and where ever you are, is that you can be with loved ones for a shared meal and that you have a joyous table.  In the US, Thanksgiving is a time for taking stock and acknowledging what one is grateful for.

I am grateful for the love that surrounds me.

I am grateful for the joy I receive in reading a good book, or poem, in listening to glorious music, in thrilling to a piece of art.  The ability to be moved is a gift.

I am grateful for the support of my friends, family, and writing community as I continue to work at becoming a published novelist.

I am grateful for the support and hard work of my agent, Nephele Tempest.

I am grateful for the happy house I live in, the dog who curls at my feet, the laughter and general silliness that abounds in our family's life.

I am grateful for the chance to help my parents as they face the challenges of their illnesses.

I am grateful for the trust my children have in me.

I am grateful for the folks like you who stop by and read what I leave here.

May you enjoy many blessings, in the days and months to come.


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  2. I am grateful that you write posts, thus sharing your life...sharing the common denominators that break down the occasional sensation of isolation. I'm also grateful for the technology that allows friendships to occur over distance, even though we have never met in person.

    I am especially grateful for your poetry.