Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiet Time

I am in one of those lulls in my writing life.  If I was in a different mindset, I might label it 'writer's block', since from all external markers, that's what it looks like. 

I have about 10K in on a new novel, and an idea on the back burner for another story, but have not sat down to write much of anything other than some morning pages over the past month. 

But rather than berating myself for any lack of discipline or falling into a place of fear or anxiety, I am looking at this time for what it is:  a necessary breath, a pause, a fallow time.  Part of the reason I'm not panicking is that I've been here before and I know I have the discipline to finish what I begin, having worked through this process 6 times already. 

Right now, I'm enjoying the process of canning the harvest bounty for winter.  Today I'm making hot pepper apple jelly and letting my mind drift as I work.

The words will flow again, and another story will possess me all too soon.

In the mean while, I'll have all this lovely food to sustain me.

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