Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Tomatoes and Canning as Counterculture

10 quarts of sauce, 6 quarts of chopped tomatoes.  Another flat of tomatoes to process.

This is the time I ask myself why.  Why do I bother to put up/can/freeze/dehydrate?  It's not like our winter survival depends on it.  (Hello. . . grocery stores!)

But then I walk downstairs into our basement pantry and see all those jars. 

They make me smile. 

They are summer, stored in glass.

I can't imagine not standing for hours chopping tomatoes until my fingers ache.

And there's something else too. 

Canning in my suburban/modern/computerized world makes me feel a little subversive.  As if I am just a little bit of a rebel.  All those jars mean I'm sticking it to the (agribusiness) man. 

Counter/culture.  (Get it?  Counter as in kitchen counter?)

Okay, I'll just slink away quietly now.  Sorry! 


  1. I especially like the Counter/Culture line! Thanks for the smile.

  2. LOL--thanks, Anne. It's the kind of really bad pun my teen age sons will just groan about.

  3. When the apocalypse comes you can move in with us!!!

  4. Yup--that's me, preparing for the coming zombie Apocalypse. :)