Sunday, August 29, 2010

More August Poetry Postcard Poems

August 7

Outside the Chocolate Shop

The girl at the door refuses
to meet our eyes. Her head
barely jerks side to side
as she jingles the keys. We press
desperate faces against the glass,
dreaming of abundance. We are
street urchins, homeless waifs
hungry to spend the change
rattling in our pockets.

August 8

Color Envy

Black eyed Susans squint
into an unblinking sky. Yellow
smears into green. New realities
blur across blank canvas.
A butterfly wing brushes the still
wet petal of a purple Coneflower.

This one was inspired by my m-i-l's lovely watercolor painting. She was painting this one while I was writing my morning pages and this poem emerged.

August 9

A blur of dark feathers,
talons cut the surface
of the bay. Water streams
from wide wings. A fish
flaps, scales flash
disco ball silver
against August blue.


  1. I really like your poetry postcards. What a great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I found you by way of January O'Neil's blog, and really appreciated your comments about the 'poetry table.'

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for you comment, Drew. :) Funny story--I first 'met' Jan via poetry thursday, then we realized that not only did we both live in MA, we both had gone to the Dodge poetry fest 4 years ago. After we met 'irl', I realized that she was in one of the Dodge photos I had taken that year.

    Small world.

  3. wow! that is a big small world.


    I 'met' Jan when I won a CavanKerry Press giveaway she hosted on her blog. And then I read Underlife and really liked her work.

    Funny how these blogs can connect us to so much, and such great stuff.