Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fun with Spam

I have to wonder about all these spam emails that come to my inbox.  Especially the ones with such atrocious grammar and spelling.  Who do they think is going to act on them?

This is what my spam filter did not catch this morning.


This is to bring you notice that i have register your ATM CARD to the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE.And the card's value is $3.5 millions united state dollars,so The delivery charges has been paid but i did not pay their official keeping fees since they refused.Reasons for their refusal is because they do not know when you are going to contact them because the keeping fee is $75 dollars per a day,and i deposited it yesterday been 7TH August 2010 So that is reason why i did not pay for keeping fee and that is only what you are going to pay them,so i want you to contact urgent to avoid increase of their keeping fee.

EMAIL(redacted in case anyone was silly enough to reply )
Telephone ::::: redacted

These are the information needed for easy delivery of your CARD.1.YOUR FULL NAME_____,2.YOUR HOME ADDRESS______,3.YOUR PHONE AND CELL NUMBER____,4.A COPY OF YOUR PICTURE____,5.YOUR AGE/SEX______,6.YOUR COUNTRY_____So as soon as you recieved your card do let me know ok,
Best Regards,
John Moses

Silly me, for not responding.  Those 3.5 million US dollars in my name just languishing.  If I had a throw-away email, I might just respond for the hell of it with random information.  Let's see:  1. Frank N. Stein, 2. 123 Monster Lane, Hollywood, CA, 3. 800-555-SCAM, 5. 98/M,  5.US

photo by Derrek Tyson

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