Thursday, July 08, 2010

Credit where credit is due

I had to abandon my beloved Palm Zire 71 a few months ago, after the conduits broke following a windows update and I got tired of spending the several hours it took to get them working again.

So I joined 'the dark side' and now use an ipod touch as my external brain.  For the most part, after the pain of the switch and struggling to get all my data from one platform to another, I've been happy with the touch.  Certainly, having email access in any wifi area is a convenient perk.  And having all my music at hand another.

But, I still morn the loss of my week-at-a-glance view that I had with my palm.  The apple calendar app for the touch doesn't have it.  Which seems really odd to me.  After all, it's just a database that is shown in multiple formats.  They have day, month, and list views coded.  Why not a week at a time?  Making new appts on the device without that is awkward.

So I was thrilled when I found a new app that has the week at a glance view:  Calendars by Readdle.  I purchased it, and after a little difficulty actually downloading it from the itunes store (it wouldn't load via my computer, no matter what I tried, so I accessed it directly from the ipod), got it set up in no time.

Happy me--week at a glance.  Worth paying $6.99 for to make my day to day life vastly easier.

Then I got greedy.  There were things I thought would make the product even better, so I decided to contact the developer.

I went on their website, filled out the contact form with my impressions and suggestions, hit send.  Didn't think I'd hear anything back.  Certainly I haven't from other companies whose software I've bought and used.

Well, I need to eat my words.  Not only did I hear back from them within hours of my message, they have asked me for my opinions and we have had several email exchanges.

Rarely, in this brave new world, do you find such responsive companies.  Kudos to Readdle for a product that is good and will be even better as they continue to develop it.

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