Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, my love

I met this man in 1982.  He was just shy of 22.  I was 18.

We dated for more than 6 years, the vast majority of that long distance.   Long before cell phones, IM, and email.  Instead, we wrote one another cards and letters.  And sent them.  In the mail.  Remember mail?  Funny rectangular envelopes with stamps on the top right corner? 

This past fall, we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, on one strange and endless day of travel from Kyrgyzstan to England.  That's a lot of years to know someone.  We've traveled a lot of miles together.

Today is his birthday.

And I will look this cynical world right in the eye and say without any hesitation or embarrassment that this man is my best friend, my partner, and my anchor. 

I don't care who knows it.

Happy Birthday, my love.

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