Monday, April 05, 2010

Wild Poetry Forum

Today's "NaPoMo" post is all about Wild Poetry Forum, my poetry home on the internet. While there are tons of internet sites and communities for poetry writers, I'd like to think Wild is a little special.

First, it's a large community and very active. This is good because you will get diversity in both the poetry posted, and in the kind of critique offered. If a community is too small, it can ultimately become narrow in scope, to the detriment of learning.

Second, it's a community of writers at varying developmental levels. Again, that's part of its diversity, but it also encourages a mentor relationship that develops among members. As members learn and grow, ones that have been mentored in this way go on to mentor others. This is a 'pay it forward' principle that works quite well at Wild.

Third, Wild is strongly moderated. We have a dedicated cadre of (volunteer) mods and admins who type their fingers off to make sure the board stays a safe, supportive, and challenging place for poets.

Forth, Wild has as part of its core mission to educate and nurture poets. To that end, we have weekly challenges and prompts, essentially a college class's worth of poetry goodness for anyone to take advantage of.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Wild has M at the helm and she is passionate about and dedicated to poetry. Wild wouldn't have come to be without her.


  1. I don't see a Registration link on the forum. How does one register?

    (There is a technical reason why my name is coming up as "Me" -- long story.)

    1. I'm sorry, I haven't been active there in a few years. I'm not sure how to register.

    2. What are you doing, Lisa?

    3. Many things. :) writing fiction, pottery, knitting, living.