Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First Thousand Words

I've officially started writing what will be the sequel to my faerie changeling story, "The Between."  The working title is "Within," though I have a fairly strong sense that both titles will change.  And "Within" is shorter than saying 'the unnamed sequel to what might or might not stay called The Between.'

I have the basic story arc and know who the main characters are.  The first 1K is written, which aside from the middle, I find the hardest part of a story.  The first pages have to establish the tone and tenor of the story and I think I've at least done a decent first pass.

While it can be daunting to see that you've only got 1K of a projected 75K novel, it's all about words on a page, building story one word at a time.

Here is the opening, as it stands now.  Hot off the pages, first draft writing, that will, no doubt, change dramatically as I move through this story.

It was a strange kind of peace Lydia sought beneath the two trees that used to be Oberon and Titania. Did they feel anything beneath the layers of bark? Hatred? Vengeance? Fury? There was no way to know, but Lydia figured she deserved all of that and more from the Fae who had once been rulers of the warring Faerie courts before she brought chaos to their world and her own.


  1. It rained frogs.... how can you possibly beat that for an opening sentance?

  2. Yeah, but that one's already taken. :)