Friday, October 16, 2009


If you haven't experienced the joy of having your dog get skunked, then trust me, you are very fortunate indeed.

Conversation with husband tonight while cleaning up dinner dishes:

Me: "Wow, can you smell that?"

Him: "No, smell what?"

Me: "Skunk. Pretty strong."

Him: "Oh, yeah, I smell it now."

Me: "Some poor critter must have just been skunked."

Pause, share long look with husband as we realize our dog is not in her usual spot in the kitchen.

Me: "Where's Tigger?"

Him: (Shrugging) "Tigger!"

(no answer)

Me: (Opening back door, shouting) "Tiger!

(Dog comes bounding in from neighbor's yard, somehow having escaped our fence.)

Both me and husband: "Crap!"

There then ensues wrestling match with pungent dog, hand held shower, 2 kinds of shampoo, and tomato juice. By the time we are done, the bathroom looks like a cross between a crime scene and a scattergram and the two of us are utterly soaked.

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