Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dealing with distractions

By all accounts, I am a little bit intense. When I fall in love with an idea, have a problem to solve, or start reading a book, it's all or nothing. That's one of the reasons the computer, and specifically the lure of the internet is dangerous for me.

I can so easily fall down the rabbit hole.

This week, I started unsubscribing from all sorts of lists/newsletters/causes in an attempt to keep my inbox clear in the off chance we will be able to check email from Kyrgyzstan. What I have noticed is how much more manageable my computer use seems to be. With less email to wade through, it's easier to read and respond to ones that are important and then move on.

While I still follow dozens of blogs in my rss reader, I haven't gone the one step further to cut them from my life. I figure, some folks read the newspaper with their morning coffee. I have my blogfeeds.

Fortunately, I'm not terribly addicted to FB and have never gotten into following twitter feeds because as a writer, it's not like I can go cold turkey from the computer. It's become an essential tool for research and writing.

I am hoping I can carry this new leaner/meaner email system into the fall and my future writing. Less distraction will be a welcome relief for my magpie brain.

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