Monday, June 22, 2009

Teh Internets--a strange and wondrous place

I've blogged before about meeting folks in person whom I have initially met on-line. These have been primarily folks I've come to know through our mutual love of writing.

My other love (besides my dear hubby and family) is baseball. Specifically the Red Sox. Quite some time ago, I found the Joy of Sox blog and it's one of the blogs I read daily. They have comment threads going for the games and I used to participate in them more than I do now, but still enjoy reading through the comments.

The owners of the blog live in Canada and are making a trip to Boston to see a game in July. They bought a block of 20 tickets and invited other Joy of Sox participants to attend the game. Me and my older son are going to do just that--an early birthday present for him--and we're looking forward to meeting the people behind the comments.

For me, the promise of the internet is about forming communities around common interests. Not commerce, not news, not even the sharing of information (though as a writer, teh internets is an invaluable source of research material), but people.

Poetry people and Red Sox people, in my case. :)

Go Sox!

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