Friday, June 26, 2009

The End!

The first draft of my YA changeling story, "The Between", is finished at 67,000 words.

This represents my 5th completed novel in under 5 years. I could never have anticipated that in late August of 2004, in response to an offhand remark by my husband, that I would start writing what would become my first novel. Even less, would I have believed that less than 5 years later, I would have a literary agent, a manuscript in the hands of several editors/publishers, and a first draft of a 5th novel.

This story emerged from a random writing prompt during an in-person writing group at my local library. Through the course of a few weeks, I kept bending the weekly prompts to work on a single story and two distinct characters and their world began to emerge.

Writing is an amazing business. When I began this novel, I had little idea of who the characters were or how they were going to solve their problems. But I trusted in the process and allowed myself to explore the universe of "The Between."

There were false starts and backtracking along the way, but at the end, I have a story I am proud of and one I think readers will enjoy.


  1. Wow! Congratulations - that's an amazing achievement, you should be so proud of yourself.