Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What can go wrong. . .

I'm starting to think something is out to get me. Today, I found out that my checking account was overdrawn as a result of several autodebits being recorded, but not the scheduled transfer from the savings account to cover them.

I have had this set up for over a year and every month, on the 20th day, money is magically transferred from savings to checking to cover the automatic payment.

Just not *this* month.

And the very polite and responsive customer service folks at the bank (truly--they are, no sarcasm intended--this is a local bank that we have been very happy with for a decade) are flummoxed.

Maybe it's something in the air.

We needed a service call on our oven yesterday. It needs a new igniter. The only kicker is the manufacturer is no longer in business and the service company can't find a part. So I have no oven.

Just in time for passover seder.

Oh Joy. (Yes, that is sarcasm.)

Here's hoping you have no snafu's or computer glitches in your lives.

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