Monday, March 23, 2009

Odds and Ends, a TiddlyWikiWrite upgrade

Greetings fellow writers and blog readers! I survived my stint as a parent chaperone for a busload of middle school journalists to New York City and promptly came home and slept all weekend! I enjoyed walking around the Columbia University campus and reacquainting myself with the city I lived in during my 20s. It was a whirlwind 48 hours that included the conference at Columbia, exploring Times Square and parts of midtown, as well as getting to see "Wicked" on Broadway. All in all, a wonderful experience and we didn't lose a single kid. (Whew!)

I actually did get some writing done, despite the hectic schedule. Not anywhere near my 1K/day goal, but better than none. "The Between" is shy of 30K and well into the difficult slogfest that is a novel's middle. I spent some time last night organizing and outlining, and feel as if I know where I need to go in these next few weeks of writing.

I also did an upgrade on my writing wiki, TiddlyWikiWrite (TWW), including upgrading to TW 2.5.0 and updating the 'help' file. TWW is a tweak of TiddlyWiki, an opensource javascript implementation of a personal wiki that runs in any (offline) browser session. Information on the base code/program here, the tweaked TWW for organizing a novel here, an ebook with screenshots freely downloadable here.

I use TWW to organize my novels and I have found it a very useful tool for keeping on top of all the details. It's really a cross between using index cards and having a database. Feel free to use/play with/tweak. That's the beauty of open source.

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