Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running Away From Home

Just an FYI, it's school vacation week here in the North East, and I've taken my kiddos to Washington, DC for a few days. While I've been to our nation's capital many times, my children have never been. Yesterday, we took a several mile walk from where we are staying with friends to the mall. We arrived there in the late afternoon on a completely clear day, and the quality of the light was unbelievably beautiful. It shined with the color of honey on all the marble buildings and monuments.

I took a bunch of photos, but alas, do not have a card reader with me. If I can find one, I'll try to post some of the pictures.

It was fun realizing almost all the museum and official buildings have mansard style roofs. I wonder if any of them are haunted? LOL.

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