Friday, January 02, 2009

Is it hot in here?

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you out there in blog-land. A special shout out to my writer friends. Here's hoping '09 will be a prolific and successful year.

So today, I did something different with my writing. I had been working an another YA urban fantasy about a changeling child and a different look into the world of Fairy. But I made the mistake of bringing the story to a writing group and getting critique (which was all very good and needed) too early in the writing process. It derailed the story for me, and although I will return to it, I need to let the dust settle before I can approach the story in the right way.

So instead of moping, I started another novel, based on a conversation my husband and I had during summer vacation about a medical thriller. I've started working on that story and in a week of easy writing, have 6,500 words down and a sense of who my main character is along with some of the seminal events that propel him through the story.

Today I found myself writing an intimate scene between my MC and his girlfriend. I've written such scenes before and in reality, they are no different than any other scene. There is sensory description, emotion, pov, pacing, etc. All the elements that happen in any piece of writing. So what was different?

This novel is a first person narrative, through the voice of my male protagonist. So my love scene was through *his* eyes, *his* perceptions, both internal and external. I'm a gal. My 'plumbing' and my sexual responses are definitely female. Trying to inhabit the brain of a male as he's making love to his beloved was definitely a challenge. This scene happens fairly early in the story and it's absolutely critical for a major part of the plot.

I won't know that I've gotten it even partway right until I get my husband to read it. And I won't be ready to have him (or anyone) see this story until I've passed the halfway mark in the story arc.

I'm pretty happy with this one so far. I have strong characters, high stakes, suspense, and a conspiracy on the side.

Oh, and at least one very *hot* scene. ROFL.

Happy writing!

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