Friday, November 28, 2008

Dizzy Dame

I woke up yesterday morning with a severe attack of vertigo. The whole deal. Spinning room, woozy head, nausea. My hubby said I had nystagmous (involuntary eye movements). I could only tolerate my head in certain (limited) positions.

Even today, on medication for it, I still cannot look up or down or turn side to side quickly or the world starts to spin again.

It's a very disconcerting feeling and I don't have a lot of staying power to read either. Looking at a book requires me to move my head down and even looking at a computer screen isn't completely all right.

From what I understand, this is of unknown origin and will resolve on its own. In the meanwhile, I take anti-vert every 6 hours until the world stays in one place.

It's played havoc with my writing, but I need to listen to the dictates of my body.

Be safe, everyone, and be well.


  1. Safe wishes, I hope this goes away as fast as it came.


  2. Thank you, Grant. I am *much* better today. With any luck, it will never darken my doorstep again. But at least I know how to deal with it.


  3. Go to bed and let the world take care of itself....and it will! Let the boys bring you hot tea and soup in bed and sleep! (It's nice to know they're competent enough to do that!)Hopefully, you'll awaken to a new day and not be dizzy. It's an awful feeling!