Thursday, November 13, 2008

And Begun!

Well, not *just* begun, but I returned to a very early draft of a few thousand words on my new WIP, working title "The Between." It is a YA urban fantasy with a different look at the world of the Fey.

I've got approx 8K written now, along with a nice overall plot arc and some specific waypoints to guide me.

So far, so good.

My target is anywhere between 60 and 80K for this one and I am conceptualizing it as the first book in a series of at least 2. This is the first project I've laid out this way, although the story will definitely be able to exist as a stand alone. It will be fun and a challenge to work the plot with that right balance of resolved and unresolved elements.

Now I need to get back on my 1K a day/ 5K a week pace.

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