Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Workshop and holding onto the dream

I'm taking a writing workshop geared for SF&F writers on tuesday nights. It's been an interesting experience to write for someone other than me and my own whims. On the one hand, between the assigned readings, exercises, and crits of my fellow attendees' piece, I don't have much time or energy left for starting a new project. On the other hand, the workshop is pushing me to take some risks with my writing and write out of my comfort zone. In just a few weeks, I have the bones of 3 short stories.

As I've written several times over the past few months, I feel like I'm in limbo with my writing. I've completed 4 novels and a bunch of short stories. I've gotten nibbles of interest--honorable mentions on the shorts for Writers of the Future and several requests for the full of my YA novel, "The House of Many Doors." I am hoping that this workshop will help me plan out my next steps. I think I'm close to some kind of breakthrough with my writing. The pattern/trend seems to be taking me closer to publication. What I don't know is how far I am from it and what work I need to do to bridge that gap.

I know I have the discipline. Ditto for the ideas. My writing is essentially clean and I am not resistant to feedback or the editing process. I also have no illusions about the publishing industry, nor do I believe that once I get past the hurdles of agent and book sale, my life will be perfect and we'll be richer than Rowling.

It's not about that.

It's never been about that.

My dream, my goal has always been clear: I have this image in my mind of stepping on a bus, train, or plane and seeing a reader happily lost in the pages of one of my books. That's probably been my overriding dream since I first discovered the magic of books in childhood.

So I'm telling the universe--I'm ready. I'll be here quietly working away, writing, editing, improving my craft. You know how to reach me, right?

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