Monday, September 29, 2008

Ch ch ch ch changes. . .

Today was my final day in my physical therapy private practice. After more than 22 years in practice, nearly 12 of them at my Watertown office, I am stepping away for a while.

It's strange. This is the first time since high school that I don't have a plan as to what's next for me. And I love the work that I do--it is fulfilling, meaningful, and intellectually challenging. So why am I leaving it?

For the most part, because I have reached a place in my adult life where I am sandwiched between the demands of my children and the demands of aging parents. The work that I do (did) requires me to be able to be fully present. This past year, I often found myself emotionally drained. I simply didn't have enough reserve to meet the needs of my patients while attending to the needs of my children and parents. Both of my parents have fallen ill this past year. They live in a different state and I am health care proxy for both of them. It falls to me to help them navigate through the health care system and their changing needs.

I am looking at this hiatus from PT work as a sabbatical. I am keeping my license and my malpractice insurance--it is vital to me that I keep open the door to return to my practice. But this time away also feels vital. And right.

I am hoping to devote some of my time to writing. Since we returned from our summer holiday, (and since I finished editing "MindBlind") I have not found my writing rhythm. Rather than be distressed by this, I am allowing myself space for what comes next in my life. "The Ultimate SFF Writer's Workshop" starts next week and I will be participating. I have some short story ideas kicking around, and have done some writing on a YA urban fantasy project I started playing iwth about 6 months ago.

This is a time of transition. The unknown can be a frightening place, but that is not my ultimate destination. It's just a road I need to travel to get to what is next.

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