Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer's end, back to school, back to writing. . .

A big weather front moved through today, bringing wind, but no rain, and a hint of fall to come.

Summer will end.

That is inevitable.

For me, summer's end is both an end and a beginning. September has been the start of the year for me, no matter that I haven't been 'in school' since I graduated with my Master's Degree in 1986. The TV commercials advertising back to school gear has me itching for new pencils and notebooks. :) The Jewish New Year is also in September, as well as my birthday and wedding anniversary, so September is the month I look forward to as the beginning of my personal year.

I spent the better part of August revising my manuscript for "MindBlind", a thriller set in a near future Boston. The story is much stronger now. I have a clear sense of what this story is about and was able to rewrite its 'logline' and query pitch paragraph. In many ways, it's a new story, rising from the ashes of the old manuscript.

Once the boys get back to school, it will be time for me to start novel number 5. I have one story already in progress--a YA Urban Fantasy, but hubby gave me a plot bunny for a new story--a not-quite-vampire story that I think really has legs. I spent much of our transit time to and from vacation in Maryland talking through ideas for it with hubby and wrote several pages of notes.

An embarrassment of riches. 2 solid stories to choose between.

A new quarterly deadline for Writers of the Future, so a new short story by Sept 30th.

I'm looking forward to the start of this next writing year.

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