Saturday, July 19, 2008

Following Inspiration

I've been in a funk of late, frustrated by the whole writing process and as a result have spent more time beating myself up than writing.

Then two things happened this week. First was that a poet I highly respect asked me to help her with a poem she was having difficulty revising. She has consistently praised my editing--my ability to see to the heart of what she intended for her poetry. The second was in my daily blog reading, PBWriter wrote a tongue in cheek post about writing for "True Confessions" magazine. I had an immediate 'aha' moment and started typing furiously. In the span of a single day, I had a 3K short story ("I was a Teen Age Alien") that made me smile.

It's not a story that's going to rock the foundations of the SFF world, but it's a fun piece that I enjoyed writing.

I remember now why I do this.

I love to write.

I believe in my writing.

I can do this.

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