Sunday, May 18, 2008


I just returned from a planned 4 day trip to Seattle, WA. I will be home for 36 hours and fly out to south Florida to help coordinated my father's medical care, now that he's home from the hospital.

The past few weeks have encompassed tremendous highs and lows and I'm looking forward to finding the still place where I can take a slow deep breath.

The highs:
--seeing my oldest son perform in his first HS theatre production (Romeo and Juliet)
--seeing the Boston Globe write a supportive editorial about something going on in our school district that I've been a big part of
--meeting a dear poet friend who I've heretofore only known 'virtually'
--getting to spend more time with my dear friends, M and Steve

The lows:
--being apart from my family as my father's medical condition worsened and having to sort through the difficult and complex world of health care via long distance. Then having to translate that to my family, so they could advocate for my dad.

I will blog more in the coming days about the Skagit River Poetry festival I was able to attend during our Seattle trip, and about dear friends, near and far, but for now, I need a shower and a good night's sleep before I unpack, repack and head out again.

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