Monday, April 28, 2008

Vacation is good for the soul

We're back, safe and sound. Our scuba adventure was wonderful. The underwater world is a marvel of color and movement and we took only pictures, left only bubbles.

By the way--that's me in the photo. Hubby just got an underwater housing for his digital camera. I let him take the pictures because I had enough equipment to worry about just with the normal scuba gear. Besides, he's a far better photographer than I am.

We had an up close and personal encounter with a very curious barracuda, swam with a sea turtle, listened to the parrotfish crunch and munch on coral, and saw more fish than I could name.

They kept swimming away from me. Could it be that they sensed my love of sushi?

I would highly recommend diving or snorkeling in Key Largo. The reefs were amazingly healthy and full of marine life. We dove through "It's a Dive" at the Key Largo Marriott. The dive shop folks were wonderful. They were knowledgeable, helpful, low-key, and gracious. They also run snorkeling trips for folks who don't scuba.


  1. a dream

  2. Douglas--thank you for the lovely haiku! It really captures what it felt like to be under the sea.