Friday, February 15, 2008

Death to Peeps! and Boskone 2008 part 1

My teen aged son and I are attending Boskone 08, the New England Science Fiction Association annual conference in downtown Boston. It's a three day celebration of SF and Fantasy writers and writing, including panels, readings, and conversations along with some mayhem and general silliness.

Tonight's highlight for my son was the 'death to peeps' fun fest, in honor of David Weber's Honor Harrington books. The idea was to find inventive ways to torture marshmallow peeps. My son did a "Peeptanamo Bay" diorama where hapless peeps were guillotined with an M&M dispenser and water boarded. (Peeps dissolve, by the way.)

For that, he earned the prize of a signed hardcover Weber book. Go him!

I attended two excellent sessions--one on "selling what you write" and the other on "hidden biases in SF".

In the huckster's suite, I found a reprint of the classic EE Doc Smith Lensman series. In a lovely conversation with the publisher, (Michael J. Walsh of Old Earth Books) I found out that the series actually starts with book 3. I bought a copy to share with my boys. It will be interesting to re-read something I haven't read since I was 11 or 12, lo these many years ago.

Looking forward to tomorrow. The only problem is that there are too many simultaneous sessions. You'd think that a SF/Fantasy con would figure out how to implement cloning or a time shifter so the attendees could go to everything at once. Grrr.

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