Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boskone, part II

Time does funny things at meetings and conventions. I had this experience at the Dodge poetry Festival as well. There is so much to see/hear/experience, that instead of the time flying by, it seems as if every minute is packed ten times as full. Between yesterday and today, I got to have extended talks with Jane Yolen, Tamora Pierce, and Bruce Coville. Each of these talented authors was responsive and gracious as well as personable. While the larger conference sessions were interesting, I found the opportunity for quiet interactions with the authors to be the best part of Boskone.

It was interesting for me to hear that each of these writers has a different writing process. I was pleased that they cautioned the writers in the audience to find their own best process, and to try out many before deciding what works. Good advice.

My son got to hear Tamora Pierce read the first 2 chapters of her in-progress sequel to "Terrier" and is only frustrated that he has to wait a year to read it.

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