Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A writing year in review: 2007

Blog Posts: 121
Poems (drafts and revisions): 47
--- completed: 1 (begun in '06),
--- nearing completion (78K written in '07): 1
--- edited: 1
Novel Queries:
---sent: 24
---requested partials: 4
---requested fulls: 3

Despite a slow autumn, when I look back at 2007, I see a successful writing year. Writing is the work-of-my-heart, not the work-that-pays-the-bills, or the work-I-have-to-do. Writing is what I do within and between the demands of family and profession and I've managed to follow a consistent discipline. While others write faster or write a greater number of words, I have come to be comfortable and pleased with my writing process.

Keeping this blog current has been an enjoyable challenge. My goal here has been to share my work and my progress with fellow writers and interested readers. I'm not sure that what I have to say is all that interesting beyond a small circle of writing friends, but I have always kept a journal and the jump to an electronic venue made sense to me. I've sporadically participated in blog-based writing challenges (Poetry Thursday and then Totally Optional Prompts) and blog communities (the Shameless Lions project), though not with the degree of faithfulness I had hoped. Writing is a solitary endeavor and being part of the blogging community of writers has made the writing less lonely. I've enjoyed reading the comments left here by gracious readers. (Thank you!)

While I haven't written many poems this year, I have read/critiqued/commented on thousands of poems this year through my moderator duties at Wild Poetry Forum. There were days I felt immersed in poetry. Offering critique can be one of the most useful tools for the writer. I know I always learn a tremendous amount in giving critique.

I've also continued to participate in my novel-writing critique group through Forward Motion. (Heya Dreamers!) Just in the nick of time to add to my 2007 writing accomplishments, I 'taught' a 4 class mini-course on pain, pain management, bone and wound healing for writers hosted through Forward Motion. You have to be a member to access the class but membership is free and it's a wonderful site, so take a look.

This year, I also put together a writing website for myself. (ljcohen.net) While I'm no designer, I do have a comfortable relationship with html and the net, so I was able to put up a perfectly serviceable site. When I can justify actually spending money on a writing website, there is a local artist/designer who I would love to hire.

In addition to all the writing/editing I've completed this year, I also discovered and customized a personal wiki called tiddlywiki. (You can find all my tiddlywikiwrite related posts here.) It has been an incredibly useful tool in working on "Heal Thyself."

I am closing in on the ending of "Heal Thyself," and have the first pass outline for an urban fantasy. I also have the bones of an idea for a new YA Urban fantasy novel. My plan is to check in with the two agents who have "The House of Many Doors" in mid-january. If either of them offers representation for that novel, I also have several other completed projects to discuss. In addition, I will be looking to an agent for advice regarding future genres. I could sink my teeth into either of these urban fantasy projects. (No pun intended, as neither of the urban fantasies have vampires in them. LOL.)

So all in all, a successful year in the world of an aspiring novelist.

How was your 2007?


  1. Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of fiction and nonfiction in 2008.

  2. What a great year for you creatively. I have a feeling 2008 will be your best year yet!

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

    (Are you bracing for the snow? Every time I check the weather reports, the snow total goes higher.)