Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow day

Just a little something for the day.

Snow Day

They carry their own gear now. Skis
finally longer than the length
of binding, bodies broader, taller
than the toddlers learning to waddle
across a shallow slope. They buckle
boots and push away, brushing
my worry from their shoulders
like snowflakes. I let them race
each other down the mountain,
choose my turns with care, knees
older than the legs they buttress.
They take me down expert paths,
certain I can navigate the bumps.


  1. what a picture perfect moment you captured here.... i really liked the way that everyone aged,,, it worked really well.....

  2. sweet,

    since, i was there myself it visualized in front of me so vividly that i smiled..

  3. nice thoughts and images.