Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And more beginings. . .

Thursday is back to school for the kids in these parts. The lovely unstructured days of summer are over and my boys are mourning the end of laziness and the start of homework. I am not sad to see the school year start up again--for one thing, my own writing schedule gets upended during the summer. However, this summer has been one of the loveliest I can remember in many, many years.

Since I became a responsible adult, (okay, quiet down in the peanut gallery. Yes, you!) summer has been less about vacation and leisure than about dealing with altered childcare schedules and it has seemed to me that the 10 weeks of summer simply evaporate.

This year, I made a conscious decision to stay in the present. Whenever I would get disturbed by how fast the weeks were passing, I took a deep breath and focused on what I was doing in the here and now. Sometimes that was taking the dog on long walks, other times it was being fully present at work, others, sitting on the back deck watching the tomato plants grow.

And I have really enjoyed this summer. It had a lazy quality to it that summers in my childhood held. Now with the slightest hint of approaching fall in the air, I am not sad.

However, I can't speak for the boys. :)

And today, I delved back into "Heal Thyself" after a 4 week hiatus. The draft is at 54.5K and I am easing back into writing goals for the month. I'm hoping to end September with the manuscript at 65K.

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